Friday, February 17, 2017

Group 4's slingshoot

Our group chose to go with a original design. We choose to build a slingshot.
The main reason that we choose to build a slingshot is because a slingshot has far more power than a catapult. With ballistics more power means more range. We wanted to win when it came to range. We also knew that a slingshot has less machine error than a catapult. However we forgot about the human error on a slingshot. This is what ended up making us lose the total trophy and lose the bullseye and bucket challenges. However we beat our closest competitor in range by almost 40%.
We also neglected the total average points that the opposing teams could get from the bucket. 
In all we wish that we had put in more practice with our slingshoot, we are glad about our range and how awesome our machine looks




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